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Automotive Wire Harness Systems Design

Zuken provides a number of design solutions that can respond flexibly to the needs of automotive OEMs and suppliers that operate diverse development processes and supply chains.

Automotive E/E Design Solutions
Zuken's automotive E/E design solutions are a comprehensive set of software tools that meticulously accommodate each process of designing and building automotive wiring harness systems, from planning logical and physical architectures and wiring design to making building-use drawings and preparing service manuals, led by Cabling Designer which automotive OEMS have implemented with outstanding success.

E3.series (for Automotive)
The E3.series, which centrally manages design information as a single database, ensuring the consistency of this information by linking various design drawings in real time, is also extremely effective in the design of automotive wiring harnesses which many engineers design using a vast number of drawings. It is adopted by automotive OEMs aiming to create efficient design environments free of rework or design errors for the increasingly complicated field of automotive electronics development.