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Zuken Innovation World to take place in Three Indian Cities
(Apr 23, 2018)

Zuken Inc. will bring its corporate event held in major cities across the world, 'Zuken Innovation World' to India this year. The roadshow scheduled to kick off in Bengaluru on May 22, followed by events in Hyderabad on May 23 and Pune on May 25, is all set to see massive amounts of visitors in attendance. This is the first time 'Zuken Innovation World' will be held in India since Zuken India was established in 2015.

India has achieved a high growth rate in recent years on the back of the recent push towards a 'Make in India' policy, which targets employment creation and increased exports in the manufacturing sector. With its wealth of outstanding talent in the field of IT, India is also drawing attention as a major center for R&D within the global market. It is amidst this backdrop that Zuken Inc. took definite strides in expanding its business presence among high-tech companies in particular in India. The decision to host 'Zuken Innovation World' events in India this time was backed by the extremely high level of demand among customers in India, many of which belong in fields representing the cutting edge technologies, such as the aerospace industry and the automobile industry, seeking state-of-the-art Zuken solutions.

Regarding the upcoming launch of 'Zuken Innovation World' in India, M.S. Ashok, General Manager of Zuken India, stated "It is a great pleasure to provide an opportunity for many customers in India to gain an insight into Zuken solutions in use by advanced companies in the West and Japan. At present the needs of high-tech Indian companies are no different to those of advanced companies in Japan and the West. By coordinating with Zuken in Japan and the West, looking ahead we hope to bring the latest Zuken solutions to customers in India."

Experts from Zuken India, Zuken Germany and the U.S. Zuken SOZO Center are due to present at 'Zuken Innovation World' in India, covering topics such as the Co-design approach to LSI, package and board design utilizing the features of the CR-8000 to the fullest, DDR4 and other high-speed circuit designs, and SI/PI simulations, among other topics as well as providing information on the latest version of the 'E3.series', which has seen extended use in the aerospace and mechanical industries worldwide, and design data management led by 'DS-E3', which saw release last year.

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